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Pre-Service Checklist

Is your machine acting strangely such as skipped stitches, thread breakage, knotting, or making strange noises etc.? Here are a few things you can check before calling for service.
  1. Understand how your machine works and refer to your machine manual.
  2. Is your machine cleaned and (if applicable) oiled? If not, clean and/or oil it as described in your machine manual.
  3. Have you changed your needle lately, if a needle is dull or burred, it can cause many stitching problems and cause thread breakage and/or skipped stitches.
  4. If you have changed your needle, is it inserted correctly and is it the right type and size? If a needle is inserted backwards or not fully inserted or if it isn't the type required by your machine or the size required by your project, you can damage your machine not to mention cause various stitching problems. Always check this carefully before you begin to sew.
  5. Is your machine threaded correctly? If in doubt, rethread it completely, including the bobbin, making sure the thread is engaged properly in any tension disks or springs.
  6. Are you using quality thread? Poor thread quality can cause lint or "fuzz" to build up in the needle and tension discs, resulting in poor stitch quality. When stitch quality counts, use high quality thread.
  7. Does my bobbin tension require adjustment? Many machine manuals address this process. If yours doesn't, consult your dealer or service technician (when you're in for routine business or maintenance is a good time). You should only adjust the tension very slightly, never in big increments so if you're not sure, don't do it yourself.
  8. Does my upper tension require adjustment? Simply turn your tension adjustment to a higher number for more tension and to a lower number for less thread tension. Remember where you started and return to that setting if you don't see improvement. Refer to you machine's manual for guidance.
  9. Is my presser foot pressure appropriate for what I'm sewing? If not, adjust it accordingly, again referring to your machine's manual for guidance.
  10. Have your machine professionally serviced at least once a year or more frequently if you do alot of sewing.
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